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Pair the Brew

Every month, we match one of our signature dishes with one of our favorite beers. Each combination is carefully selected to bring out the best flavors in both the food and the beer, making it an easy choice when it’s time to pick your plate and pint.

our pairs are legendary

april brew pairing


Samuel Adams Boston Lager®

Samuel Adams Boston Lager helped revive a passion for full-flavored brews that are robust and rich in character. Today, it remains a perfectly balanced and complex beer.


Wicked Boston Burger

Maple pepper bacon, American cheese, Samuel Adams Boston Lager® caramelized onion relish, burger sauce, leaf lettuce & ripe tomato

Decorative Borders

Some things Boston does best.
Tea parties, accents are no contest
But the greatest thing they do,
Is a burger and a brew.
Time to put both to the test.

Decorative Borders