Central Texas Super Bowl Frenzy | Tilted Kilt Pub

Central Texas Super Bowl Frenzy

February 6, 2012

(KCEN)- Here in Central Texas Sunday was a night of football fun, food, and of course commercial watching.

Parking lots at many local bars and restaurants were packed by about 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon and you couldn’t even get a table at Pluckers in Killeen without reservations.

It was similar just across the street at the Tilted Kilt, which was a full house as well.

Fans dressed in their teams colors and cheered on their own while managing to find time to taunt their opponents.

Cheers of “Go Pats go!” and “New York…yah!” were heard all around.

“It’s a national holiday, being with a group of people all cheering together,” said one fan.

For some Super Bowl XLVI is a chance to let loose and cheer on their favorite team, but for one couple at the Tilted Kilt in Killeen this year’s game means a little bit more.

“Well he’s from Connecticut and the woman takes the man’s team so we just love the Giants cause he loves the Giants,” Giants fan Cynthia Riley said.

A mutual love that started exactly four years ago.

“Yesterday was our four year anniversary and it was four years ago that they won the Super Bowl against the Patriots,” Cynthia said.

And while lovebirds Cynthia and James hoped for a romantic repeat of Super Bowl XXXII not all party-goers at Plucker’s put on their game faces for the same reason.

“Little more excitement to it, be around different fans, Giants fans so we can talk trash to them,” Patriots fan William Pulkimen said.

Trash talk that restaurant managers say works up quite and appetite.

“Nationwide it’s the biggest to go food day, so we have a special on to go wings,” Andrew Meltzer of Tilted Kilt said.

“We’re looking at serving probably about 3,000 pounds of chicken wings,” Chris Conley of Pluckers said.

So while some say it’s the food and the fun that makes going out for the big game important

Cynthia and James say it’s about more.

“If we didn’t go out we’d regret it because you only make the Super Bowl every so often so we wanted to get out there and make sure we supported our team,” James said.