Conventions interested in using Georgia Street following Super Bowl success | Tilted Kilt Pub

Conventions interested in using Georgia Street following Super Bowl success

February 9, 2012

Four days after Super Bowl XLVI, Fox59 has learned two big Indianapolis conventions have inquired about using Georgia Street as part of their activities.

According to Chris Gahl, VP of Marketing and Communications for the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association, Gen Con and FDIC, which is a firefighter training conference in Indianapolis, are interested in using the space.

“Our annual customers have already expressed interest in seeing how we can activate this space for them. They’re both saying, ‘hey, this is (a) cool space. How can we utilize it?’,” Gahl said.

“If we could have it every year, we’d be more than happy to have it,” Tilted Kilt Director of Marketing, Crystal Rightor said.

Rightor said Tilted Kilt, which is located on the corner of Georgia and South Meridian Streets, has new regulars now and would be interested in using the space. She said they met these new customers, during Super Bowl week. She said business quintupled, during those days.

“I think the Super Bowl definitely opened new doors for Indy,” Rightor said.

The Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association partnered with Indianapolis Downtown Incorporated. According to Julia Watson, Vice President of Marketing with Indianapolis Downtown Incorporated, as of Monday, Feb. 13, ICI will be in charge of maintaining the venue, booking it and future development. Watson said more needs to be done with Georgia Street, though. She described it like having a home and deciding how to furnish it.

Watson said there will be a meeting Monday at 3 p.m. at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. It is a public meeting and business owners are invited. The meeting has been scheduled in order to discuss how to move forward, using Georgia Street.

“All those bells and whistles that were part of the Super Bowl could be in play for a meeting or convention who wants to utilize that moving forward,” Gahl said.

Gahl said everything is in its preliminary stages. He said they are looking at either renting a block of Georgia Street or possibly renting the entire three blocks similar to the Super Bowl Village. At this time, it is unknown how much it will cost to rent Georgia Street.

Either way, Rightor with Tilted Kilt said she is excited for Georgia Street to continue to be used.

“If they were to have more events there, we’d be more than happy to welcome them in a heartbeat,” she said.