Despite a little skin, owners say their new Prince George restaurant is family-friendly | Tilted Kilt Pub

Despite a little skin, owners say their new Prince George restaurant is family-friendly

June 19, 2012

Similar to a well-known restaurant chain, one of the prime attractions at the new Tilted Kilt restaurant in Prince George County is young waitresses showing lots of skin.

But the owners of the newest franchise insist that in spite of the young woman wearing kilts and short tops, their business is family-friendly.

“We know that the girls are an attraction, but people would be surprised to see how many women and children we get in here,” said Birju Bhagat. Bhagat and his partner, Amir Patel, opened Virginia’s first Tilted Kilt on May 22.

More than 60 waitresses in push-up bras and kilts work at Tilted Kilt, which pays homage to the old public houses of America, England, Scotland and Ireland. But the young women are covered just enough to not scare away families with children.

“We’re definitely more family-orientated …,” Bhagat said. “We’re currently working on a kids menu and we had to order some extra high-chairs to meet the demand from young families.”

Bhagat said that Tilted Kilt’s menu is better than that of its famous competitor.

“The difference is like night and day,” he said.

Customers at Tilted Kilt can choose from 10-ounce patty burgers, pizza, drunken clams, pasta, meat loaf, shepherd’s pie and traditional European dishes, such as fish and chips and Irish stew. Entrees start at $8.

Tilted Kilt is a national chain that was developed a decade ago at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas.

Today, the franchise runs 60 restaurants nationwide, with 15 additional businesses in development. The company takes pride especially in its slogan, “A Cold Beer Never Looked So Good.”

The two local entrepreneurs, who also own Great Wraps, Extreme Pizza and some local hotels, had their first encounter with Tilted Kilt in Atlanta.

“I immediately liked the concept,” Bhagat said. “What really caught my attention was the food, which was really good.”

When the Uno’s restaurant located at 2070 Waterside Drive closed, the partners decided to make their move.

“We bought the building and gutted it completely,” Bhagat said.

“Everything we have inside is new,” he said, pointing at one of the 40 flat screen television sets in the restaurant.

Tilted Kilt has a staff of 90; Bhagat and Patel plan to hire an additional 30 employees.

Tilted Kilt is open from 11 a.m. until midnight Sundays through Wednesdays and from 11 a.m. until 2 a.m. Thursdays through Saturdays.