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Local woman selected for Tilted Kilt calendar

December 21, 2011

Brooke McClellan Picard-Ami, a server at Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery, is featured as October’s Kilt Girl on the 2012 Kilt Girl calendar. / Will Daugherty/Star News

The city of Hendersonville is known as the home of many celebrities, although few have been models.

Brooke McClellan Picard-Ami, a server at Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery in Hendersonville, is featured as a Kilt Girl for the month of October on Tilted Kilt’s 2012 Kilt Girl Calendar.

Picard-Ami, 26, said when told in February about the opportunity to be on the restaurant’s national calendar, she decided to try out. Picard-Ami was the only employee from the Hendersonville location to be chosen.

“What they did was hire a photographer to come in to the store, and they did our hair and makeup, and then took pictures,” Picard-Ami said. “And then they sent those pictures to corporate, and they choose about 50 girls out of those pictures.”

Those 50 women were then narrowed down to 12 by patrons who voted online for their favorites.

All 12 winners were flown to the Mission Bay area of San Diego soon after to shoot the 2012 calendar.

“It was gorgeous – I’d like to do that again,” Picard-Ami said. “I did my shoot the first day… when we shot in the ocean, it was freezing cold. The water was probably 40 degrees.”

Picard-Ami has prior experience being in the limelight, as a former pageant girl in her native state of Alabama.

“Well, I’m from Alabama, so it’s (pageantry) a big thing down there,” she said. “I was in pageants before I could walk or talk, and then I stopped after that. I think once I got older, I just grew out of it.”

Picard-Ami, a native of Cullman, Ala., has attended several colleges, including Tennessee Technology Center in Nashville, and has studied subjects ranging from criminal justice to cosmetology. She also served in the military for a time as a military police officer.

She now has plans to pursue her aspirations of a career in modeling. After modeling a bit as a teenager, she said she’s been inspired to model once again after being featured on the pub’s national calendar.

“Modeling’s kind of always been my dream, so I’d like to do something with that,” she said. “I know I’m too short to do runways, so if I could ever do like Victoria’s Secret, that would probably be my dream – really any commercial modeling or catalog modeling.”

Formerly Brooke McClellan, she picked up the Picard-Ami name when she wed musician Jean Christian Picard-Ami six months ago. She said her husband fully supports her modeling aspirations.

“He’s very laid back and he understands,” she said. “He totally supports me.”

Tilted Kilt has about 50 locations nationwide, with the Hendersonville location being the only one in Tennessee.

Picard-Ami has also worked at Barefoot Charlie’s in Hendersonville, as well as Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in Nashville.