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Lucas Oil Off Road Notebook: New rules, new stars

April 9, 2012

Weller Adjusts to Pro 4

One of many people in new places is Corry Weller, the 2011 SR1 UTV champion. She is taking over Carl Renezeder’s second Pro 4 and finding it not as big a leap as she had thought it might be.

“I kind of worked it up in my head that the truck was going to be a lot harder to drive than it actually is because I’d never driven one before,” she says. “Once we had the program all set up, you wonder what it’s going to be like. It’s a great truck; it handles really well, it’s really cushiony. The suspension is so much nicer than what I was used to. It’s really wide and sturdy. It behaves itself. It’s really less work to drive it, because I was driving a six-speed two-wheel drive, electric steering assist car. To go to this…the hydraulic steering is fantastic, it has the turbo 400 transmission so it’s just second-third-second-third, so physically driving it doesn’t take as much work.”

Weller was able to get some pre-season testing time in the truck, about two weekends’ worth, so it wasn’t all new. She says she’ll need some more time to get up to speed, but she’s enjoying the experience so far.

“It’s so much fun to drive that it decreases the nerves a lot,” says the Tilted Kilt-sponsored driver from Chandler, Ariz. “It’s a lot heavier than what I’m used to, and the competition is a lot stiffer than I’m used to – I was with some great drivers, but these guys are pro pros. This is the big money stuff. Right now I’m just trying to stay out of trouble. I’m still learning to drive it and I don’t’ want to do anything stupid or take anybody out. I’m just learning to drive my truck, take my time and go as fast as I can.”