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New to the Menu | Tilted Kilt: Attire skimpy, but food isn’t

July 5, 2012

With the closing last summer of two of the three Hooters restaurants in central Ohio, other eateries with scantily clad waitresses have less competition.

One beneficiary is Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery in the Polaris area.

The local owners of the franchise take exception to the comparison, insisting that their restaurant stands on its own merits.

The vast interior is more like a sports bar, with gargantuan TV screens tuned to different sports events.

Like the number of beers on tap (24), the menu is extensive, and attention is paid to keeping it fresh with periodic promotions of new dishes.

One such addition is the Buffalo chicken pizza ($9.99), which, like pizzas on the regular menu, is built on an especially thin, flatbread-style crust.

The crust is actually decent and manages to stay reasonably crisp despite layers of cheese and chicken. The poultry is seasoned with a Buffalo-style hot sauce and served with the traditional celery stick and blue-cheese dressing on the side.

Much of the hearty menu is pub-style fare. Two of the signature dishes are the Danny Boy’s shepherd’s pie ($10.49) and the Olde Dublin Irish stew ($8.99).

The shepherd’s pie is an approximation of the real thing: Ground beef, rather than lamb, is used with carrots and peas, which are topped by plenty of mashed potatoes. A shot of onion or garlic —or even a dash of ketchup and black pepper — would add flavor and avoid dullness.

In contrast, the Irish stew has more flavor, with cubes of decently cooked beef, peas and celery, all in a nice gravy. The price is better, too.