Quick Bites | Tilted Kilt Pub

Quick Bites

August 15, 2011

Broadway At The Beach is keeping the sizzle in summer with the recent opening of the Grand Strand’s newest public man cave, the Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery.

It’s the first local theme restaurant of its kind to rival our homegrown Hooters (brainchild of the late Robert Brooks of Loris). The Kilt stays true to its niche market with a manly recipe for success: an extended choice of draught beer poured into an icy mug, a menu of upscale comfort food like flatbread pizza, Irish stew and wraps, all 50 televisions set on sports and attentive service.

But make no mistake about it, the big draw here is the Tilted Kilt girl clad in a plaid bra tied-up with a white shirt, a high-hemmed mini skirt and knee socks. But the waitresses aren’t the only ones dressing the part—the male staff dons traditional knee-length black kilts and matching socks.

At a time in restaurant history where ordering from a techie kiosk is becoming commonplace, the Tilted Kilt waitress is trained in the art of subtly patting the table to make customers feel more comfortable. They also have their own “Kilt-ish” language: like when a patron asks for a beer, the Tilted Kilt waitress replies, “Do you want the man size or the girl size?”

Menu choices include Drunken Clams and Five Quid Squid appetizers, Scottish Cheesesteak Salad, Spicy Black Bean Veggie Wrap, various burgers and pub favorites such as Olde Dublin Irish Stew, Maggie Mae’s Fish & Chips and Danny Boy’s Shepherd’s Pie. Prices average about $10 per dish.

As this type of establishment is enjoying soaring revenues across the nation during a recession, it goes to prove that a man’s wallet may well be tied to his appetite and the Tilted Kilt apparently gives him what he wants.