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The Tilted Kilt Girls Are Here and Ready To Stay!

November 11, 2011

If you haven’t checked out The Tilted Kilt yet, I’m not really sure what you’re waiting for. This spot isn’t only for dudes that appreciate a hot mini skirt, because I’m a girl and I am totally into this place!

The girls are sweet, fun and gorgeous. I think I may want to be a Tilted Kilt girl for Halloween next year or possibly make a guest bartending appearance!

I was able to speak to the owner to get all the juicy details on the opening of this Tilted sports bar creation.

So why choose to open a Tilted Kilt? “It’s an up and coming new sports concept with a sexual flair and taste,” exclaims the Tilted Kilt owner.

I think thats the perfect way to put it.

“I put the restaurant in the back of town because I didn’t want to throw the girls in everyones face, but this is what Hoboken needs.”

There is a diverse menu of “Gourmet Pub Grub” and 1500 square feet of outdoor space. Inside are 40 flat screen TVs and two 126 foot projection screens.

“If I’m going to open a sports bar I’m going to do it right. I have all the electronics. I have TV’s in the bathrooms, even behind the mirrors! Who else has that?”

The menu is corporate but everything is made fresh. Everything is made on the premises.

Besides having electronics and great food I also have a great cast. We have beautiful girls here. One of our waitresses is a spitting image of our corporate Tilted Kilt girl!

“Our opening week was amazing. My parents had huge smiles on their faces, especially when they kept hearing compliments on how gorgeous the place is.”

“I’m just extremely proud of everything. Everything has come together so nicely.”

So what should you try here?

Definitely the Shepards Pie, Gaelic Chicken and Irish Nachos.

This is the place to watch the game so grab your buddies and spend a whole Sunday kickin’ back beers, grubbin on wings, and chattin’ with the ladies!