The Tilted Kilt | Tilted Kilt Pub

The Tilted Kilt

March 9, 2012

San Diego’s installment of the Tilted Kilt serves as home base for Padres fans looking to fill up on brew and pub grub before heading into the ballpark, whose line literally spills onto the bar’s front doorstep.

Three 12-foot projection TVs and 30 flatscreens keep the crowd occupied, but the staff’s attire reigns as the main attraction. Guys wear black kilts and matching arse-kicker boots. Girls wear red plaid minikilts, kneesocks and teeny tiny white tie-tops, a look that splices Alicia Silverstone a la “Clueless” with the standard Japanese school girl fantasy. Who knew Hooters had a distant cousin from the British Isles?

Pool, shuffleboard and dart boards lend to the sports bar feel, and bric-a-brac worthy of the prime minister’s rumpus room fills the lime walls: constable hats, knight helmets, blown-up postcard shots of Windsor Castle.

The almond-wooded bar area occupies just less than half of the space, making for plenty of room to score a drink without needing to push and shove. Of the 24 beers on tap are the standard star brews: Harp, Bass, Guinness, Stella Artois, Blue Moon, as well as the Tilted Kilt’s own brand of wheat ale.

The menu reflects a crossbreeding between a Yankee sports bar and an Old World pub, with wings, pizzas and burgers listed alongside traditional chow like Shepherd’s Pie. Prices won’t cause the wallet too much pain, especially when compared to those of Petco’s concessions.

The Kilt enforces a strict no-reservations rule, and after 5 p.m. the under-21 crowd needs parental supervision to get through the door. (Derrik Chinn,