Tilted Kilt Comes to Calgary | Tilted Kilt Pub

Tilted Kilt Comes to Calgary

April 26, 2012

An American restaurant chain is opening a new eatery in Calgary and is  already causing controversy because of the servers’ uniforms.

The Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery is  already operating in Edmonton and will soon have a new location on 17th Ave and  4th Street in Calgary.

Servers at the restaurant wear tight and tiny tartan kilts and halter tops.

Scantily clad waitresses are not new to the restaurant industry in Calgary  but what is different is that the waitresses are encouraged to chat and  socialize with the customers.

“I would describe our costume as, yes, it is what brings people in. We’re not  denying that we’re not selling sex appeal. But we’re selling sexy classy, sexy  cute, sexy smart, and we’re not selling sexy trashy or sexy stupid. Everybody  that wears the uniform has to fit the personality and you can’t just fit the  uniform you have to fit the personality, said Owner Chad Howse.

The establishment is one of a half dozen or so new restaurant and bar chains  that emphasizes elements of staff members’ physique as much as what is on the  menu.

“They’re invited to consume, not only consume what’s on the menu but to  consume either visually with their eyes or in other ways the bodies of the women  who are serving the food,” said Susan Harris from MRU’s Women’s Studies.

Some who work in the service industry point out that the attire is not all  that different than the short skirts and low cut tops on display in many bars  around town.

“I don’t know, you see a lot of skirts and shirts like that as well, there’s  a lot of places that like the kilts and that kind of thing,’ said Nicole  Swanson.

The restaurant chain is facing at least two lawsuits in the US; one in  Georgia and one in Illinois.

The Calgary pub has secured its location but has not finalized all the  permits that it needs to open its doors.

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