Tilted Kilt Employees Ring Bells | Tilted Kilt Pub

Tilted Kilt Employees Ring Bells

January 7, 2011

On Dec. 18, local Tilted Kilt employees were at Trig’s in Stevens Point to help raise money for The Salvation Army. The employees rang bells in hopes of getting people to donate their spare change for a good cause.

The Tilted Kilt, a sports bar that pays homage to the old public houses of America, England, Scotland and Ireland, puts a twist on the classic pub style by having servers wear mini-kilts made of the Tilted Kilt’s own registered tartan plaid, a starched camp shirt, sporran, stockings and flashings.

The employees volunteered for two two-hour shifts. It was successful, and they are looking forward to ringing bells next year.

Tilted Kilt bartender Joseph Cihak, from left, bar manager Cameron Purcell, entertainer Jasmine Meyer and assistant general manager Cheyenne Molnar ring bells for The Salvation Army.