Tilted Kilt is officially open | Tilted Kilt Pub

Tilted Kilt is officially open

October 22, 2012

PALM DESERT, Calif.  –

“We’ve been hearing now for two months, ‘When are you going to open, when can we expect you to open?'” Tilted Kilt owner Russ Dalgetty said.
The time for questions is over. The new Titled Kilt with a new owner and new management is officially open.
“From the moment you walk in, you get greeted. You get seated down, a view of every TV, every sports game. Cold beer, great food. It’s just the atmosphere,” Dalgetty said.
It’s an atmosphere people can’t get enough of. Whether you want an ice cold beer, garlic fries or just a fun conversation – it’s yours.
However, the Tilted Kilt brings more than just good food and great service to the Coachella Valley.
“Brought on about 50 contractors to bring this place back to life, and through the process, we were able to create another 150 jobs here in the restaurant, with 97 servers, bartenders, hosts, hostesses, kitchen staff, management,” Dalgetty said.
It’s a solid staff that loves their jobs, one they describe as nothing short of unique.
“Instead of being just ‘Hi. What can I get for you?, tell them the specials, I get to sit down, get personal with them, establish a relationship,” server Leilani Mallett said.
Sunday through Thursday, the Tilted Kilt stays open until midnight, but the fun last longer on the weekends until 1:30 in the morning.
“You’re here to have fun, and everyone’s here to make sure you do,” Dalgetty said.