Undefeated | Tilted Kilt Pub


April 27, 2011

I once watched a UFC fight where a dude had his head slammed into the mat repeatedly until blood started pouring out his ear.

That’s some sick s***.

I don’t really get the whole ultimate-fighting thing, but chances are, you do. It’s practically the new baseball, and folks like you cram into sports bars and fill up your couch for pay-per-view parties just to see dudes roll around on a mat until they bleed or pass out. Seriously, that’s just not right.

But I have to admit that when a man like Gray “The Bully” Maynard comes to town offering up interviews, I’m just a touch intrigued. The guy’s undefeated except for one lame draw against Frankie Edgar, and that’s gotta drive them both nuts. When Maynard, who’s a member of the Tilted Kilt Fight Team, makes a public appearance at East Village’s Tilted Kilt (310 10th Ave.) from 5 to 7 pm. Saturday, April 30, just weeks before his big rematch with Edgar, and people line up and pay $10 just to meet him, it raises some questions.

In preparation for a career-making fight like this, does The Bully get all Karate Kid and meditate while he waxes on and off?

“I am in training full-time,” Maynard wrote in an email interview. “About eight weeks before a fight, I go into camp and step up my training to three times a day…. For my rematch with Frankie Edgar, I really studied our last fight footage and his other fights.”

Maynard says his secret to ass kicking is simple: He never lets his head get too big.

“I go to the chalkboard more than other fighters and I listen to advice,” Maynard says. “I have seen other fighters come to the point where they are so good they don’t think anyone can teach them anything. At that point, I believe they’re on the way out.”

Though he’s earned a nickname like “The Bully,” Maynard says he has a soft side, too. His San Diego appearance is one-part promo, one-part fund-raiser. Proceeds from the event are going to It’s the Pits,a San Diego organization that rescues pit bulls.

“I rescued [a pit bull] named Hank from a shelter that saves dogs used in dog fights,” Maynard says. “Hank and I are similar in a lot of ways.”