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Undercover Boss Recap: The Tilted Kilt

March 15, 2013

This week on an all new episode of CBS‘ Undercover Boss, Tilted Kilt president Ron Lynch heads behind the bar to “discover the truth” about his pub and eatery, finding that his family oriented, PG-13 establishment is anything but.


The Tilted Kilt is a contemporary pub; a family business run by Ron Lynch, his wife, and daughter. With more than 4,000 employees at establishments across the country, Ron wants to be sure that his company’s core values are being upheld. To do this, he goes undercover as “Ryan Good.”

With his towering height, Ron worries that he’ll be easily recognizable as he starts his journey at the Tilted Kilt’s Atlanta location, but all of the employees fall for his story: that he’s part of a reality show and that they will help determine if “Ryan” is worthy of a cash prize.

After changing into his kilt, bartender Shayna quickly explains the art of the up-sell to “Ryan,” before letting him attempt to go it alone. While he struggles to get the patrons at the bar served, Shayna scurries off to make a phone call to her father who has cancer.

But her father isn’t the only thing that Shayna’s dealing with; she’s also a single mother of two, with one child who is autistic.

Next, Ron meets with Spencer.

Spencer moved to Atlanta with hopes of attending film school, but a series of unfortunate events led him to spending most of his time working to pay off mounting student loan debt. His job is to handle security at the pub, but he does just about everything except for that.

Spencer lets Ron know that there’s a lot of touchy-feely going on between waitresses and customers, with patrons saying inappropriate things and making sexual advances. The problem? Spencer was never trained to handle those issues, despite the fact that it’s outlined in the manual. Spencer says girls are safer working at a strip club than they are at the Tilted Kilt. Not good, and definitely not the family atmosphere that Ron had in mind when he started the pub and eatery.

Over at one of the California pubs, Ron meets Kaliane, who’s upbeat personality seems to keep the morale up at the bar. But it’s not long before Ron sees that Kali is telling inappropriate jokes to customers and exhibiting behavior that is clearly not PG-13.

To say that Ron was upset about what he saw in California would be an understatement, but he hopes that things in Michigan will be different as he gets his first look at the kitchen operation.

It’s there that Ron meets James.

Immediately, Ron is overwhelmed by all of the menu choices as he gets the guided tour, but is impressed with James’ ability to run such a tight ship. James leaves him to work the fry station which turns out to be a lot harder than Ron thought.

Talking to James, Ron is given a ray of hope, hearing him say that the restaurant is really family oriented, which is good with him working so many hours and not able to see his triplets as much as he’d like.

Finally, it’s time for Ron to shed his “Ryan” wig and reveal himself to his employees. At the flagship pub in Arizona, he meets with the four employees one by one, and Kali recognizes that it’s Undercover Boss. He tells her that he wasn’t comfortable with what he saw and that she often crossed the line, which brings her to tears.

Ron says that he’s going to provide her with a mentor to help her mature, and offers her a deal — if she gets her GED, he’ll give her $10,000 to go to the school of her choice. Kali gladly accepts.

Spencer’s meeting with Ron goes a little differently. Ron tells him that in addition to making sure that every security person gets the proper training, he’s going to give him $5,000 to help with his mother’s medical expenses, and $14,000 to help pay off his student loans. Spencer is eager to finally have some good news to tell his mother when he calls her.

For James, Ron gives him $20,000 so he can leave his part time job and focus on the Tilted Kilt, as well as an all expenses paid trip for his entire family. But that’s not all. Ron is also going to establish a scholarship fund with $20,000 for his children.

Lastly, Ron offers Shayna $10,000 in scholarship money for her kids, $20,000 to help her with her autistic child, and $20,000 to help take care of her father.

The experience was definitely life-changing for Ron and his employees.

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Photo Credit: CBS