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Wing chains reveal post-peak strategies

April 13, 2012

The Tilted Kilt: Having a calendar year

For the past five years, The Tilted Kilt, based in Tempe, Ariz., has gone  from peak-demand season ending with the championship game of March Madness  straight into its Kilt Girl Voting Contest to pick the 12 servers to star in the  chain’s calendar. This year, the promotion is running on Facebook, and The  Tilted Kilt is getting about 1,000 Facebook “likes” and votes per day.

“With the calendar voting, we’re still promoting the restaurant and still  able to push heavily on something, otherwise the marketing would be pretty  slow,” said Torie Stevenson, marketing manager for the brand. “It’s nice to stay  top of mind, even without football on TV.”

Voting runs through April 30, and once the winners are selected they’ll do  several months of in-store appearances leading up to the calendar shoot in June.  The calendars go on sale in October during the middle of the NFL season, giving  the chain plenty of time promote them as a holiday gift for its predominately  male clientele.

Between now and next season, The Tilted Kilt also is sponsoring off-road  truck racer Corry Weller, a former Kilt Girl.

“We’re excited to involve our Facebook fans in all of this,” Stevenson said. “It’s paying off for our brand because we’re so visual, for obvious reasons, and  it helps a lot on Facebook and Twitter. We get amazing amounts of engagement  every year for this, and we’re trying to maximize it.”